The band Vitamin Q - 1979-1985

Contributory to the 80s Minneapolis Music Scene

~ recorded live

by Arlo Hennings

One fan remembers:

Hi Arlo -

The song I think was called "Looking Down". So I figured I'd do a Google search to see if anything might pop up, and there you were. I have strong memories of "Looking Down", "Shift" and "Me Magazine" particularly, plus a great cover of "Young Americans". My fond memories of the band? A little square-faced guy on lead guitar and vocals, a John Denver looking guy in red pants and suspenders on bass, a somewhat awkward - moving keyboard player in the back, a diminutive singing drummer with a well-plumbed drum kit, and a sweet lady playing organ and sax, who reminded me of my 3rd grade teacher except she dressed like the B52 girls. I had a Vitamin Q t-shirt, with the rocket-pill. I couldn't understand why you guys weren't more popular. I thought your sound was very original, and you came across as genuinely friendly. Maybe that was the problem - you were too original and you weren't aloof enough. It seemed to me you were sprinkling some of the dust left behind by the Prog Rock dinosaurs in with Cars-ish New Wave. Cool.

So what has become of the others? I remember the keyboard/sax lady started a band called Neon Eon, and didn't you start a project called Puzzle?

Believe it or not, I still have the Me Magazine video from Twin Cities
Beat on video somewhere in the basement.

Greg Mathieson aka Stegor


/recorded 1981Cookhouse and released on the KQRS radio Best of the Twin Cities Beat LP (1982)




recorded 1980 Yanni's Studio



Anita Kozan/Arlo

Mike Pugsley

Anita Kozan/Arlo





1984 Anita Kozan and John Sundquist were replaced by Roxxy Hall bass/vocals. Later that year Nikki Cox and Mike Harwood joined the group. 








Vitamin Q - 1979 in its final incarnation in photo above- 1985

Left to right: Michael Gacek, Nikki Cox, Mike Pugsley, Mike Harwood, Guitarlo

From 1979-1985, aside from their own venue, On Broadway, Vitamin Q performed in 43 nightclubs,11 colleges,16 high schools and 5 ballrooms. Including, The Longhorn, Duffy's, and First Avenue. They were booked by GMA, Arthur Alexander, and Jimmy Mann.

Copyright Arlo