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"If you can't beat it, brand it" - Arlo

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In working with Arlo during the past 10 years I have seen an uncanny knack for reading a market and its demographics. As a result, Arlo is very creative, thinking out of the box to put together business deals. That creative bent is a great complement to his long experience in business development. As a result, when others were stalled or floundering Arlo delivers. In his role at Shawn Phillips dotcom that has played out in a series of successful CD releases and tours for the artist. SC

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Unlike many of the people who are posting their tributes, I have only known Arlo for a few short years. And as such I cannot provide the level of insight that many already have and will no doubt continue to offer about this multi-talented and above all, incredibly nice guy from the music industry.
I can however speak of the man I know, a man who unlike so many on this cut-throat island stands out as the genuine article …. He is undoubtedly the real McCoy and I. like others consider myself fortunate to be counted as his friend. Comments on his musical and marketing talents I willingly leave to those better placed, except to say that knowing Arlo has encouraged me to look into a world of music and develop an understanding and appreciation of styles, artists and even instruments that 3 years ago I would have found too perplexing to even contemplate let alone enjoy. It is a great gift.    
But above all I want to pay tribute to a man of great compassion, openness and willingness to see the best in people even when the evidence suggests he should not. His compassion to those less fortunate is remarkable and perhaps only matched by his generosity. As illustrated by several other comments, he gives freely and without prejudice.
I cannot think of a better phrase to sum Arlo up than those penned by Rodney Carrington: “Ladies and Gentlemen…..He's the man!”
Chris O’Connor, writer & photographer 
























































































































































































































































































































I can summarize a big speech to a few words. Arlo basically saved my life. There's no price tag for that kind of support - Shawn Phillips


I have known Arlo for over 10 years and he supported me during a long term unemployment and marital crisis. I truly care about this guy. JR


Special Thanks to Arlo Hennings for building my web site and Face Book page free. Also, for helping to arrange Shawn to send me a new multi-Oud. I don't forget he booked me into the Mosaic Restaurant that led to a long hotel booking. He asked for nothing in return and waived his commissions on my downloads too. His ability to get me back money from people who pirated my music was amazing. Namaste! Anello Capuano


Arlo is incredibly effective and resourceful. I've seen him put together deals that most people would call impossible, and his great follow through and integrity makes it a pleasure to deal with him. If you need someone who can not just open doors, but make things happen on an ongoing basis, Arlo's the guy. Mike Evangelist


I met Arlo when he came to the Philippines about 8 or so years ago. We spent a limited time together but he was a very nice person I enjoyed chatting and drinking a beer with. In the time we spent together, he never mentioned Shawn or his accomplishments in the music business. It wasn't until I search his e-mail and his name that I knew how accomplished Arlo was. We have remained friends over the years and exchange mail often. Arlo is one of the good guys.

Brad Hughes -17th Combat Aviation Group,Vietnam


During a down time in my career Arlo took my calls and tried to help me with business ideas. He also listened to my daughter for a record contract. - Billy Peterson, basist, formerly Steve Miller Band (20 years).


I have known Arlo since the late 80s. He told me to change the graphics on my CD and it was better! I also gave him $150 to market me and 25 years later he came through and booked me on Bali! - Bettine Clemen Ware












































































































































































































































































































I have known Arlo since 2000. He came to my house for beer and pizza. I owe Arlo thanks for reconnecting me to Shawn and many new readers who found me through Arlo's extensive marketing efforts like getting Shawn's song, Devils Highway about my book Devils Highway, onto (2) nationally syndicated NPR programs where tens of thousands people heard it. -LAU


My name may only be know to you from the back of Shawn's albums. I am Johnathon Weston. I managed Shawn's career and produced most of Shawn's albums on A&M records. I'm the guy who got Shawn signed to A&M records way back when. I cut my hair, quit the music business, and opened my own architect company in Los Angeles. I designed Peter J. Robinson's house. I don't know Arlo personally. We've talked a couple times and that's about it. I am moved to respond to Arlo's biography because when I was Shawn's manager there was BIG money from tours and record company support. When I read what Arlo accomplished without any financial support I was amazed. Such dedication is non existent in the LA music business. For the record, Shawn called me a "crook" and I want to share that was how he felt about everyone and everything. So, it comes as no surprise he still feels wronged. Arlo has peaked my interest to write about what life was like with Shawn back in his heyday. Good luck to Arlo and best wishes too all. J. Weston


There are Rock Stars and then they're "Rock Stars." Arlo had the innate ability to turn water into wine. One of the best salepeople I know. - Bill Baker, President Weather Central.


I am truly honored that Arlo invited me to be on his achievement page. I worked with Arlo twice since I first met him as a teenager in a dance hall where I booked bands. 30 years later, he called RCA records to help get my artist Stradivarius a record contract. Arlo is a music biz trail blazer -Marsh Edelstein

















































































































































































































































































































I've known Arlo for twenty years; he has been very helpful and thorough in setting up my website, and following through on it. He was also responsible for booking me to play with Shawn Phillips at a Concert in Minneapolis Summer 2006. - Paul Buckmaster


Special thanks to Arlo who donated his time for a year to help me with my Event Organization. Including the fact he loaned me money to produce my Mask Theater shows.
Franki Raden, Lokaswara Foundation


Before I became the Music Director for Cher, Arlo was the only person who gave me a break and signed me to PolyGram Music. David Barry, guitarist, Cher, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul.


Anyone capable of reaching me is proof that Arlo can just about do anything. For that reason, I salute him. - Jimmy Page, Led Zepplin


I consider it a priviledge to be included in this recognition. I am no one famous, which makes it all the more incredible that Arlo was able to get one of my songs into the Billboard Top 40 Adult Contemporary charts -Ray Campbell Jr.


I have worked with some of the best people in the music industry and I include Arlo among them. He is the "real deal." Dean Kay, Board of Directors, ASCAP

























































































































































































































































































































I want thank Arlo for inviting me to be the admin for his Early Morning Hours Yahoo News Group. SM


I am Rich Linell. I was the manager for Jim Morrison and the Doors, Alice Cooper, and many others. I also managed Shawn Phillips during the mid 1990s -1994 up to when Arlo took over. What Arlo was able to accomplish still blows my mind. When I left Shawn, the music industry considered Shawn finished. I didn't believe anymore could be accomplished. Arlo really proved us all wrong on that account. Keep rocking Arlo, managers with your ability are hard to come by. LA needs you.


Do you still love me?- Marty Weintraub, former business partner, PolyGram Music International


Arlo... You are what you are, and that's all you can be... In a world without vision, no body is free; a musician with a vision, a musician's friend and an archivist's companion in these weird and wonderful digital times of Music by Numbers in Zeros-and-Ones; a rare, creative soul of integrity and passion, with a smile and a song, caught up in this laughable shallow murky mainstream music world of click, copy, cut and paste. - David Marks, Director of the Hidden Years Music Archive, South Africa


Having been a fan since the 70s, I was thrilled when Arlo booked me in a show with Shawn Phillips at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater!
Thanks Arlo!  My fans still talk about that show! - Michael Monroe


Anybody that has been in the music business as long as Arlo Hennings and has not spent any time in prison or logged any significant time in rehab deserves our respect. Paul Metsa, musician and author of Blue Guitar Highway.


















































































































































































































































































































Working with Arlo over the years, I learned a lot about Social Marketing, I also appreciate that he invited me to perform with Shawn and gave me feedback on my songs. SR


I have had the pleasure of working with Arlo Hennings over the years on a number of projects spanning a wide range of media-related activities. Not only is he a pleasure to work with because he is reliable and dedicated to producing top-notch results in a timely manner, but he is also a man whose word is his bond and one that can be trusted. His knowledge of marketing and project management, along with his understanding of a wide range of media-related activities -- including television, radio, music and the web -- makes him a valuable member of the projects on which he is a part of. I can highly recommend Arlo Hennings.

Arlo did a terrific job with getting Shawn to my reunion concert and keeping track of the bills so I could settle up with the promoter. Arlo is a keen lad - Donovan


I tried to think of what Arlo has done in the music industry, (other than having been an artist, musician, producer, songwriter, booking agent, manager, studio owner, record label, publisher and promoter) other than that i realize that he has done nothing in the music industry for 45 years, sounds like love or insanity, but I still like him anyways. - danh


There are movers & shakers, and then there’s Arlo Hennings.  Arlo’s a guy who seems to have trouble with words & phrases like “won’t work”, “can’t”, or “no”.  He’s ALWAYS working on something which is what I’ve always respected about him.  Arlo and I worked on a very few video projects together back in the 80’s and he was always great company.  Most of the fun for me was listening to his stories from “the road” and sharing ideas for that next project.  His ability to bounce back and his love of life have always been something to be admired. Congratulations on 45 years in the music biz buddy.  I hope one of us will jump the pond so we can chat in person again real soon.  Be cool.  Never mind.  You’re already cool. Hutch – Telecide Productions, Inc. / Twin Cities eMedia


Arlo, it's been great to reestablish contact after all these years. Thanks for the help you gave us when we were just getting started in the publishing biz; I remember some rather unique parties at your space. Keep it up. Thanks for following us at, too. See you in Bali some day soon. - Tom Bartel, former owner City Pages Magazine.




















































































































































































































































































































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