Arlo Hennings music biographical time line

1967 – Roadie for the band Marvin’s Theory
1968 – Worked at the Prison Dance Hall for owner Patrick Raines, manager Al Jarreau.
1969 – Attended the Denver Pop Festival
1969 - Attended Woodstock
1970 – Worked as a stage hand for the Peoples Music Fest, Wisconsin
1972 –Met Shawn Phillips as a stage hand at a Minneapolis concert
1978 – Joined the band, Teet Zee Flies, and six months later after I departed, the band would become the Suburbs. However, according to author Cyn Collins “Complicted Fund” band members Hugo Klaers and Michael Halliday apparently did not corroborate my story.
1979 – Started the band Vitamin Q. The group broke up in 1985. One of the first groups to perform at the Long Horn.
1982- Me Magazine (song) appeared on the Best of the Twin Cities Beat radio and TV programs and  appeared on the local radio station KQRS Best of the Beat LP.
1983 – The Vitamin Q rehearsal space became a public venue and host for City Pages office parties. I also conceived of the Minnesota Music Awards to be presented in the space.
1983 – Published the poetry book, “Tomorrow Never Answers” distributed in area bookstores and record stores. In addition, New City Lights in San Francisco.
1985- Established Thump Studios & Records
1985 – Released the double album set and book “Burden of the Beat – the Eyelid Movie.” Archived by  the Minnesota Historical Society. (AV collection disc #175-A)
1986-Worked as the Sales Manager for Mill City Music
1989-Joined PolyGram Music International as their talent scout and music producer
1990-Artist of the Year Award/Presenter/Minnesota Music Awards
1990-Secured Twin Tone records a new distribution contract with Restless Records
1991-Worked for Entercorp and Matthew Benjamin Productions
1994-2014 -Manager for A&M recording artist, Shawn Phillips
1994-First American musician to tour the new South Africa with Shawn Phillips
2011- Moved to Indonesia and launched record label, Indojazzia.net (blog), and podcasts
2016- Published memoir “Guitarlo.”