Theo Coetzee RIP - photo by Clem Tholet 2004

Theo Coetzee - The Last Dance - 26th Feb 1944 to 26th Sept 2004 A-D

In memory of THEO COETZEE, hero, philosopher, and friend to all by Arlo Hennings

Theo Coetzee along with David Marks was the person responsible for connecting Shawn with thousands of lost South African music fans. Over the next 10 years, Theo went on to bring Shawn back for two more tours of South Africa, which permanently etched Shawn a place on the official South African music legend list. 

I have never met a more thoughtful and spiritually refreshing human being.  I feel privileged to have known Theo. A sore loss for Shawn and the South African music community. He will not be forgotten.

Dankie, Theo for everything. I will be seeing you at the Hole In The Wall. GO WELL!

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Theo Coetzee has danced his last dance. We couldn't believe it either. Ritchie (Morris) called from Nebo Farm on Sunday 26th September to let us know that Theo died in the early hours of Sunday morning - doing what he loved doing best - dancing! Our sincerest condolences to Daya, his many friends & family.
Such sad news -  for those of us he left behind; Thank God for the love that he spent his life spreading around - the Guru of Nebo, Lord of the Trance Dance, who bowed out forever in the way he loved best - on the dance floor.
Theo will be beaming around somewhere in the great unknown, so the best we can wish for is that the void & the special space he left down here be forever filled by the generosity & free spirit of his love & light. One unique Oke who spent a lifetime teaching & training people to lead a better lekker life. His wiry ways & infectious steps will not be lost on those of us lucky enough to have been moved by him.
As Theo always says - Well no yes man, lekker lex....
Theo will be buried on Nebo Farm on Saturday 2nd October 2004.

Take The Day : a dedication to Theo by Shawn Phillips

I did not know Theo as well as many of you here. I vividly remember my first arrival in Joburg, and the
subsequent rally back and forth of questions getting to know each other during the ride from the airport. I
will never forget his relief on learning from me that I intended to be very professional, and diligent about
getting the concerts done, and trying to make each one better than the last. In retrospect, I knew that he
was thinking, "Oh God, is this guy gonna be another Jan Michael Vincent?"

One of the things about him that stands out in my mind, is that small half smile, topped by an incredibly inquisitive gaze whenever he queried you about something. However, one important thing to
remember about Theo, is that he spent his life in service to his fellow man. He wanted everyone to have
a strong sense of positive confidence, and to get on with it, whether it was business, pleasure, or the
tiny mundanities that we all go through in life.

The last time I saw him, he quoted the lines to one of my songs to me. "For war is not the answer, it is not
the strongest force. It's love that binds us all together, and guides the shape of history's course". For him to sing my songs was the highest compliment he could ever have paid me, and I loved him for it. So, after this short eulogy from me, I am including the words to a new song that was written 2 days ago. I know he would have loved this one, and I dedicate this song to him, because it's right up his alley.

Even though I am not there, I know that there is a tremendous flow of love, and energy from this
gathering.  In the long run, it is the nature of this energy that will change this extraordinary world around us, and
will transform any negative energies that come our way. The reason for this is simple. This man spent his
life surrounded by good people, and many of you are here today to express your respect for, and to him.

We must remember, first, and foremost, the other important thing about Theo Coetzee, was that he was a
good man. Fly free my friend. You are released from the dualities of existence, and we will never forget you,
because you are now the ground we stand on, the wind that caresses our faces, the ceaseless movement of the
clouds above us, and the very light that guides us within, and without.

Take The Day

I have lived a life of leisure, I have rendered unto Ceaser, I have spent some days in a total craze and I just can't find the reason, but I'll make my path through the world of wrath, and I'll find me some cohesion but along the way, I have to say, I know that we are legion Take the Day

To the shadowed ground of chaos, Alabama to south Laos, we have seen the ragged fury, of humanity, and it's
usury, inflicted on the masses with a sense of utter crassness, by men without a vision, who never feel contrition,
abandoning compassion for the sake of shallow fashion, senseless intervention, in a world too poor to mention, with a silent apprehension, in the simplest convention, in a way of life without much strife, and a modest malintention, can we find the tools and make some rules as to who gets all the bounty,

Take The Day

I have seen the face of wonder, I have shivered in the thunder, I have felt the pain under evils gain, and it's rent
my life asunder, but I'll rise above with the help of love, and my friends of many colors, but along the way I have to say, there are so many others,

Take the day

There is calibrated madness, in the mind of all fanatics, and God's not great when he's used with hate, to kill
with vicious tactics, and a faith is interrupted, a religion full corrupted, by jealous men and cowards, killing children by the hundreds, who have no choice of living, by beings unforgiving, who live in rage, want to change the age, and make our lives a misery, to make us see their vision, theological collision, and you got no choice, and you can't rejoice, in the joy of simply living, but I have to say, that's not the way God wants us to behave, Now

Take The Day

Nobody's gonna call me honey, for my multitudes of money, I don't do coke, but I'm still broke, and I sing to
all and sundry, for 40 years I've shed my tears, and tried to make it funny, but along the way, I'm glad to say, I've made it more than sunny,

Take The Day

Soon the energy is waning, but the mind is set on gaining, if we stop the war waged on the poor, we might have some acclaiming, and the practice of collusion, might we stop this vile intrusion, and I see some emendation, for the rules of any nation, are in order for the future, as to how and when we use her, this tiny earth, of shallow girth, will never be a loser, and winning is a concept, that rules our very mindset, an epiphany of mercy, that urgently concerns me, we have to say, that loves the way, to stop this
bloody mayhem,

Take The Day

Arlo and Theo 2002 Jo' Burg

Southern Cross Festival 2000

Maarten's Garden 2004 1972 National Folk Festival

From Theo's 1st dance 1965 from Abie Fullard