Nelson Mandela

A Long Walk to Splashy Fen - exerpt from the memoir Guitarlo -


In 1994, during the birth of a new nation (South Africa), singer/songwriter Shawn Phillips and Arlo Hennings (manager) were the first American musicians to be invited to tour the New South Africa. It is with my deepest gratitude to tata - “Madiba,” Nelson Mandela, the guiding force, who not only changed a nation but changed us all. I also wish to also thank David Marks, Theo Coetzee, and the people of South Africa who put their lives on the line to end apartheid. It was a gift to partake in this great historical moment.

By Arlo Hennings, M.F.A., Copyright 2013




Theo Cotzee passed away in Sept 2004.
David Marks remains active in the South African music scene. He is the curator and manager of the Hidden Years Archive project.


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Also, special editorial contribution by Maryl Skinner and Alma Luz Villanueva