Contributory to the 80s Minneapolis Music Scene

~ recorded live ~

by Arlo Hennings


The names listed on this page does not represent every person involved in 1980s music scene. These are the people I knew. If I forgot someone and if you no what became of these people please email me Arlo Hennings.

Last updated: July 4, 2009


 Phones /Ipso Facto/ Flamin Ohs/ Suburbs/ Fingerprints/ Wallets/ Trip Shakespeare/ Babes in Toyland/ Jayhawks/ Lamont Cranston/ Suicide Commandos/ Tim Emerson -Dr. Mambos Combo/ Prince/ Jets/ Melvin James / Back Street Kids/ Bobby Z/ Petersons/ Steeles/ Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis/ Replacements/ Husker Du/ The Pistons/ Soul Asylum/ Leo Kottke/ Koerner, Ray & Glover/ Garrison Keillor/ Morris Day/ Jesse Johnson/ The Time/ Lipps, Inc./ Mint Condition/ Sounds of Blackness/ Alexander O’Neal/ Information Society/ Curtis A/ The Hypstrz/ The Magnolias/ Run Westy Run/ Willie Murphy/ Boiled in Lead/ Power Mad/ Curt Nelson/ Ben Day Dots/ Limited Warranty/ Sussman/Lawrence - Peter Himmelman/ Psychonaughts/ Dan H/ Dan Presley/ Yanni/ Chameleon/ Dugan McNeil/ Vitamin Q / Laura & Tina Schlieske / Babysitters / Pat Balder/ Marko Dardanis / Dave Barry / David Gonzalez / Greg Inhoffer / Steve Tibbets / Modern Relics / Slave Raider / Rhea Valentine/ Rue Nouveau / Bobby Z / Doug Maynard / Cynthia Johnson /  Tamara and the Seen / Tim Bradley/ The Family / Margaret Cox / Melanie Rosales / Oliver Lieber / Paul Metsa / Kings English/ Blaze/ Marc Brown/ Mercedes/ Mazarati/ Tete Noire/ Obsession/ Dare Force/ Shangoya/ Rio Nido/ Prudence Johnson/ 3 Faces Turned/ Bonnie Raitt / Craig Rice/ Matt Fink/ Dez Dickerson/


Doug Myren/ Dan Satorius/ Ron Soskin/ Larry Osterman/ Gary Clark/ Dan Brennan


Doug Brown/ Don Powell/ Owen Husney/ John Pete/ Paul Moe/ Peter Jesperson/ Charlie Campbell/ Tom Harens


Sue Mclean/ Marsh Edlestein/ Doug Brown-Good Music Agency/ Geoffrey Blumenauer-Variety/ Arthur Alexander /Jimmy Mann/ Randy Levee


Jon Bream/ Tom Surrowicz/ Marty Kellor


K-Tel/ Navarre/ Mill City Music/ Great American Music/ Positively 4th Street/ Oarfolkjokeopus/ Electric Fetus/ Wide Angle Records/ Twin Tone/ Niceman Merchandising/ Shadow Records/ Al Beaulieu Photography/ Southern Thunder/ Roger Dodger/ Metro Sound and Light/ Knut Koupee/ Larry Hutchinson Group W Cable/ Sweet Potato/City Pages / Reader / Steve Raitt / Northern Lights/


Cookhouse/ Metro Studios/ Blackberry Way/ Sound 80s/ Paisley Park / Spring Valley / Tracks On 5th Street / Creation Audio - Lynn Peterson

Venues featuring original music

First Avenue/ Longhorn/ Duffy’s/ Cabooze/ Uptown/ Guthrie/