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Arlo Hennings Publishing Co/Universal Music

Contributory to the 80s Minneapolis Music Scene

~ recorded live ~

"The "deal" party. Fine Line Music Cafe, 1989

Dean Kay, President, PolyGram, Dave Barry, Laura Schlieske, Marty Weintraub, Marko Dardanis,
Arlo Hennings, Gina Felicetta, Bob Kirsch, VP PolyGram, Nashville (left to right)


The artists of the Arlo Hennings Publishing Company/Universal Music Group.

Originally conceived by Marko Dardanis as a dance music demo, the project evolved into a full pop act featuring Laura Schlieske on vocals. Marty at the producer helm was aided by various writers that made up the flag ship project called "Sasha," which garnered the interest of PolyGram.

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Gina Felicetta's songwriting credits include the top 20 hit by MCA recording artists The Jets, You've Got Another Boyfriend. John Tita, PolyGram, A&R New York said upon hearing her original music, "Oh my God, a one woman YES band!"


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Dan Presley like Marty Weintraub wrote and produced his own material. Dan experimented with techno, dance, and rap. In 1993, he signed one album entitled, Moth Macabre to Interscope Records.


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Dugan McNeil also wrote and produced his own material. He performed for years as the bassist/singer for the group Chameleon. After his first album In the Velvet Night was dropped by PolyGram his second effort was accepted by Island Records however, the deal never happened.  Radical Man



Copyright Dugan McNeil

Letitia Rae was the singer/bassist for Metal faves, Slave Raider. Jive records dropped the act and Letitia went solo. Marty with the help of Vixen bassist, Share Pederson. penned her a song.  Kiss of The Black Widow



Copyright UMG/AH Pub Co.

Singer/songwriter Dan H was not officially signed to PolyGram Music. However, we did earn a living together producing demo tapes. I took his demo to Warner Bros., Nashville where he was signed and dropped after the first record, Tears.

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Copyright Warner Bros. Music

Singer/songwriter/producer, Marty Weintraub had his hands on most everything that was recorded by the company. When he wasn't busy working on someone elses' project he recorded his instrumental work. His series on Dolphins during the height of the New Age reportedly sold well.





Dave Barry, guitarist, won the lottery when Flyte Time set up an audition for him to tour with Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson. Further tours included Cher where he became her music director for over 20 years. A&M called me and wanted to do a record deal but David failed to write any songs.  NO SONGS

Singer/songwriter Pat Balder is a talented fellow. We didn't know where to go with his music at the time.

 40 Hours of Hell



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Marty and I auditioned many artists. Bev Lennae was one singer/songwriter Marty produced.



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Singer/songwriter/percussionist, Kurt Barkdull was never officially signed to PolyGram Music but he did play drums on most sessions. He is a talented songwriter in his own right.  Lucy is a Ball Breaker


Copyright Kurt Barkdull

Singer/songwriter, Tina Schlieske was not officially signed to PolyGram Music. However, she did participate on Laura's project, her sister's recordings. Marty produced her first demo, which led the way to her deal with Sire records. Tina came to me and asked if I would be her manager. I wouldn't do it on a hand shake agreement. Tina went on to conquer the Minneapolis bar scene. She was dropped by the label and moved happily ever after to Santa Barbara, CA.